Friday, 14 May 2010

Transporting Animals across the Atlantic....

So, you would think that maybe the larger the animal, the harder to organize and higher the cost involved of doing so? Well I did at least. It appears that I was wrong (thankfully in one respect and NOT in the other), it is the normal sized family dog that is rather more difficult to ship than expected. Having been told once already that everything was booked and absolutely fine for the dogs to travel with us, we did a final check, as one does. The dogs unfortunately (I have now been informed) are too large to fly on the plane with us in their Vari-Kennels. You see, the airlines only allow a large sized kennel which in fact only accommodates a 'medium' sized dog, so, if you have two 'large' dogs you need two 'GIANT' sized kennels, which the airlines will not carry - due to their size and not being able to fit them through the cargo door. So what now? Steven has suggested this and I definitely think Weasle would be up for it:

The picture above is one of Steve's planes - how fantastic?! Although desperate to get the dogs over there with us, might have to give that idea a miss! We will keep hitting the books and hopefully find a company that can help us out. Feel a bit like we are being screwed for wanting to take our dogs with us - they have us over the barrel and charge what ever they like, because they can. Hope to find a company as professional as the one below (who are shipping the other four legged creature) - they have been kind, informative and have kept me fully up-to-date with all the goings on, their needs and advised of changes immediately. Maybe I should ship the dogs as miniature ponies - think it might be considerably cheaper?!

The Volvo was delivered to the transporters on Monday and is already in possession of the Ocean Liner which will shortly be on her way across the Atlantic. Cleaning a vehicle for entry into the US is almost as time consuming at the Embassy interview - if you are British!!! ; - )

Only one week and two days to go....

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