Sunday, 18 September 2011

Much ado about nothing

Lillies in full bloom
Phennie arrived in late July!

We had a fantastic two weeks before she headed off to her new home in Springfield Missouri at MSU. It felt as though she had never left.

They canoed at Summit, swam in ponds, lakes and even in 'real' swimming pools.

We watched Polo at Surya Park, thanks to an invite from CD. We had a blast!

Even a day at Saratoga Races with a new found friend (with even more grateful thanks to CD for that introduction). We counted down the days until her arrival and then counted down the days until her departure.

August 1st brought the arrival of Jackson

A beautiful 17.2 TB gelding, who is here for some short term recuperation. He is a splendid fellow and has settled in well to being a ‘country‘ horse with the Pie. We fenced the bottom hill pasture, behind the house

and the horses enjoyed some new grasses and terrain for a month, until the imminent arrival of the storm (preceding the possible arrival of the hurricane) when we brought them back to the barn pasture. Very thankfully, we only experienced the very tail end of it, which although unpleasant was no more than a really nasty storm, which took twelve trees (not hardwoods) and did little damage to buildings or property. Poor old Vermont got thrashed and here in Washington county we are still dealing with a great deal of excess water. Much flooding has occurred, dams have broken and bridges collapsed. We really were so very lucky considering what everybody else got. The week prior, there was reportedly an earthquake…

The wildlife is as amazing as always. The deer seem to know where to graze safely and spend a great deal of time behind the house, checking out what we get up to, two fawns in the garden this year which Phennie got to see. The hummingbirds have been out in force, especially around the time of the storm, they amaze me every time I see them, quite magical to watch. We seem to be inundated with frogs at present, and heron (maybe because of the frogs). Pleased to report that the dreaded skunks have not hung around, as they did last summer.

Today I went shopping for something but came home with something entirely different, a large wooden bench and a bicycle for Tom. My lesson here is that I should follow what is on my list ONLY with no deviations allowed for ‘interesting bits of furniture’. The dogs love the bench and it reminds me of a horse drawn sleigh, so there it is. My job is (still) fantastic and allows me to buy benches when I should be finding other more important things, it should also keep me busy and out of trouble for a while. Goals and dreams are good. They give me reason to go to work and not stay at home ‘playing’ farm girl all the time, can‘t be having too much fun now,that would just not be right.

Winters hay in place (top of the dairy barn).

October will mark Steven’s return to the United States and his last few months of active duty. I have to remind myself that late Spring early Summer will be his ACTUAL retirement from the military and it can not come soon enough. Oh My it has been a long 23 years and 8 months (I will get back to you with the days, hours and minutes when it is finally completed, signed off and finished forever). He deserves a medal (and not the one they are currently offering him) for what he has given to his work/career, sacrificed himself and that throughout it all, that he has still been able to support us in every way imaginable. I could not have done it. He is an amazing man who deserves a seriously good retirement and many years with his family and friends, to make up for all that he has lost and missed to date.

Thomas pretending to be a dragon....

Dog walking 'teenage style'!