Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Going the extra mile and then to France...

You know when you really KNOW you love someone? For me it is when they do something you would least expect them to. For instance, buying a farm house in the middle of nowhere in Upstate New York was pretty bloody shocking (for a New Jersey boy at least) and I CAN NOT WAIT to see it at last. It is so hard to comprehend that 'this' has all really happened and ALL through Steven's hard work, bloodymindedness and his relentlessness to give us our dream. He spent weeks driving through PA, WV, V and NY on a search for our new home, then we settled on one we found but hadn't actually seen, in the flesh, so to speak (I'll comment more on that once I have actually seen the place). This isn't where we had originally chosen to live our lives but life throws you off course sometimes and sometimes you have to just go with it.

So, he does it again. Mr Becker has managed to get himself AND the dogs a flight with Air France (at a third of the price I was quoted JUST for the two dogs), who so far state that they are happy to take our dogs in their kennels from London to Paris, Paris to New York... THIS really is going above and beyond as "they sneak into 'his' kitchen, leave hair all over the house, eat too much, bark too much, lick and love too much and J especially 'smiles' too much" (she really does this with Steve). For a lad that likes city lights, hustle and bustle from his unsociable, aloof country wife, THANK YOU so much for this amazing opportunity and new adventure. I really do take my hat off to you for this one.

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