Saturday, 26 January 2013

Not Forgotten ~ 2013

I can not believe an entire year has slipped by. Working full time has its downsides. A great deal has happened here and we have, as always been working so very hard. I think (hope) the pictures will do some of the talking, so I shall add away. Steven arrived home in May 2012 and we put him straight to work .... the results shown below (he actually made the stone wall to his left, in fairness, without machinery and collecting each and every stone from somewhere on the farm). You will be pleased to see that the old work uniform has not gone to waste, it is now 'work wear' for at home.

The Pond site began to come to life once again, and the changes were amazing to watch throughout the year.

June 17th brought the Will to Bain Road (after a VERY exciting 6 mile ride), it was decided that I should be kept busy (?!) he has been doing just that ever since. He has on occasion also managed to enlist Steven & Tom (which is most impressive) into assisting with his daily needs and 'would-likes' (apples and carrots on demand).

The hole is dug and is slate lined, thanks to mother nature. James estimated that it would take two months to fill. Ohh how wrong was he. Not only do we have run-off from Murdock and every field on the farm but also a large supply of fresh water springs throughout the pond site and surrounding area. 48 hours and she was full to the brim and flowing out of the over-flow stream. Apparently we are skipping from summer to present in the photographs, apologies for that, you will have to wait until the Spring to see it unfrozen and hopefully with grass around it, one day.

Mid January and the pond is frozen through and safe enough to skate, needs a good sweeping before any speed can be got but we all decide that maybe that isn't so bad for the first attempt. Tomo & M.

Quail chick No.1 who I am pleased to report is still going strong, he was very late in the season so we are thrilled he has almost got through the winter. Chickens are well in their insulated house and spend most of their time in the Dairy out of the snow.

Steve and A. building Will's new house. What a team, my huge thanks to both of them and to Mrs A. who helped me move all the wood they needed for this task on a disgustingly hot day in July.

Ok, so I now see that it may appear that we lay down a great deal, but this is the only way to cool off without A/C (on the cold concrete ground of the dairy)! - we had moved timber all day and it was some insane temperature that I did not enjoy very much (the jeans were due to the rough timber, shorts would have been preferred but not wise for this job).

(Another section) pathway to Murdock cleared.

Late autumn, I got home from work to see a man with a gun being dropped off by a pick up truck (that almost didn't stop) right outside the barn. It was quite bazaar. I changed my boots and followed him, he went in along side the paddock with Will in it. He had shot a deer and I am guessing he was trying to find it, at the speed he was off at. I was so furious. Thankfully Steven arrived home shortly after me and came and found me and I explained that I was attempting to track the hunter and what had happened to cause this situation. He went to get the gun from the house, which was good because we found the deer right behind Will's paddock with one shot to its stomach and another that had broken a hind leg, Steven quietly and expertly I might add, put her out of her misery. We then called James the Excavator to come and collect it and remove it from the field, which he was thrilled about and I was darn sure that the 'hunter' wasn't going to come back and get it, bastard, he is bloody lucky I did not get the gun before I followed him, but alas I did not have time to do both and chasing him seemed more fun at the time. Thanks Giving, I gave thanks for our family and home and that I did not have a gun on me when I chased the trespassing git who could not kill a deer cleanly and for me not being in sing sing for murdering said trespassing git. Moving on, to Winter!

Retirement (USAF) and snow, suit him!

The greatest thing about the Winter here (besides there being no trespassing hunters), is when it arrives and snow is on the ground, you HAVE to go out and play in it, no matter what your age. So, yes, it is me on the sled, having snow-shoed to the top. We did one run down together, which was just too painful from laughing so much. Steven  then decided to go down on his tummy and almost collided into the ONLY wood post I concreted in the Murdock pasture, head first, but my goodness it was so funny we had tears rolling down our faces, he stopped I swear, only an inch away from nose planting into the post.

Hoping this finds everyone happy and well, having feasted well over the Christmas period and into the New Year. I do hope everyone has a very prosperous & healthy 2013. Until Spring.