Saturday, 8 May 2010

Packers & Crates

This week sees the house packed up and crated. An incredible crew did what appeared to be a fantastic and thorough job (we shall have to wait the six to eight weeks it takes for the crates to be delivered to our destination address in NY before I sing their praises too highly)! It took two days and a crew of three plus Steve and I. 13 crates in total, these will be delivered to Portsmouth and shipped across the Atlantic. You hear horror stories of peoples crates being dropped in the harbour or left on the quayside where they get rained on so all the contents are ruined but these are just stories and I hope not to have to report the same....

Pie is due to have his blood work done this coming week, which will allow him to fly at the end of the month. Dogs have to have one final 'health check' 10 days prior to departure before being allowed to fly and I think we are almost ready. Poor old Steve had a hell of a job trying to book the dogs tickets. The AF it its wisdom, managed to book Thomas and I on a flight which doesn't allow dogs.... these had to be canceled and re-booked on a flight that would accommodate the whole family.
Volvo leaves on Monday..... arrives some time in June....

Now we all wait in a very large, empty house. Camping without the wildlife but with heat/hotwater and cooking facilities that light when asked ;- ) We will all appreciate our beds and belongings so much more when we see them once again.

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