Friday, 21 May 2010

Fear and Fairies

Did I mention I was absolutely terrified? This is such a strange feeling full of mostly fear a little excitement that dare not raise its head to high, then a huge dollop of serious terror. Its rather like getting on a roller coaster which you know you REALLY don't want to get on because you will probably throw up, scream and make a total ass of yourself but you do it anyway because NOT doing it would be equally as gruesome. When the ride is over you always feels exhilarated and as though you have conquered some huge great monster! All has been planned and much has been done in the preparation for this enormous trip. Now it is all in the laps of the Gods/Airplane Companies/Volcano Ash Directions/Other Weather Conditions etc. etc.

Tom has been SO patient and I can not wait to see what he thinks of it all. I hope upon hopes that we all love it and I think I KNOW that we will because it is meant to be (and Steve SAID we must)!!!! Phennie will be visiting in the summer and again at Christmas, which is truly fantastic and something to really look forward to.

We ALL leave on Monday morning at sparrows fart for Heathrow - arrive in New York at mid day their time, then hopefully end up in Saratoga Springs in the evening. Steven and the dogs will be meeting us the following day at lunch time THEN we will all go to our new home together. The Pie is now due to ship out on June 3rd so should be with us three to four days after that.

Fear and Fairies because, Fear, well that part is obvious and Fairies because I am having such wild and vivid nightmares that they make reality seem not so bad in comparison! What ever happens - if there has to be anything bad it will be balanced by something very good.

Until then......

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