Thursday, 14 October 2010

October ... full of surprises...

(View from behind Murdock looking East towards Cossayuna Lake with Vermont Mountains in the background)

(Looking West from the North side of Murdock Mountain)

Steven flew directly from London to South Korea on Tuesday 5th October, or so I thought. I decided to give up smoking that day, figured that we could go through hell together. When I checked my email at 8pm that evening, the last thing I expected was a request from him to be collected from Albany Train Station, in less than two hours. Yup, he managed to keep that one quiet.

(Looking East across Cossayuna Lake)

We somehow managed to get there. Due to not having any cash on me (my clever idea of saving money is not having any on me to spend. It works, don't knock it) we had to take the 'non toll road route'. FYI- NEVER take that option late at night. EVER!

We did get there alive and on time. As we walked in, Steven walked out. I slapped him across the face, hard (only in my mind, but seriously contemplated doing it, for a moment). It was soooo good to see him until, our drive home. He suggests we take the toll road as he handed me $5 'for ease, speed and safety'... thirty cents. It cost thirty cents to drive for five minutes on the toll road to avoid the forty five minute 'dirty down town' tour.... thirty bloody cents. He is still laughing. Lesson 1. Always keep 'toll' money in the car. Lesson 2. Don't assume a toll is a high $ amount. Lesson 3. Only give up smoking when you KNOW your husband has arrived at his duty station. He purchased Golden Virginia as a bribe to keep me sane and sweet during his visit. Smarter than I thought, but very very wicked.

(Above and below - home, again, sorry but I think it is amazingly beautiful)

It has been a great month. One husband visited. One completed interview and a follow-up tomorrow. If all else fails, I am getting closer to finding a job and that is good. Need all the help I can get with 'interviews' as I feel as though I am being interigated by the FBI, for murder. The woodburner is amazing, we gave her a trial run while Steven was here. We spent four days together and walked the property daily. The testosterone was a little thick here for a while, but all the boys worked it out eventually, Alpha 1,2,3 and 4 (Pie)!!!

The animals are all well. Thomas, Pie, dogs and Marmite.

Thomas is sure he saw a bear in the garden when we returned late from dropping Steve in NJ. He said it was definitely a bear. Or maybe a Mountain Lion. Or maybe a Lynx. I think that 'maybe' the twelve hour plus round trip drive, the rain and darkness MIGHT just have distorted his vision (and maybe also his imagination), but maybe he did see one, of the three animals it could have been. Or, maybe it was Marmite in disguise?!

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