Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Paddock Phase Two - Removal of the Sumac continues

Thomas’s leg gets impaled by a very sharp branch - he pulls out the branch and all seems good until we realize that there is still a large piece broken off in the bloody mess that is left in his leg, below the knee. I was totally cool about handling this situation, until I felt the piece of foreign debris… it felt like bone. He tells me it is sore but really doesn’t feel that bad, but I suggested we maybe should visit the doctors to get it removed, they would at least numb the area so they could either cut or dig out the wood, but no, he choose scissors, tweezers and some hydrogen peroxide - he would do it himself. Several yowls later he asked for my help, at this point I am seriously nervous because this damn thing would NOT come out (and it still felt like a large splinter of bone attached to his flesh, because if I pulled on one bit, the leg would follow). I’m now green. Tom is screaming to get it out but also screaming when I go anywhere near his leg. We call the doctor. I am now wondering why I didn’t follow Steve’s advice and move to a nice little house in suburbia where doctors and hospitals are plentiful… Our doctor is full for the day and she suggests the Hospital and A & E anyway. “I’ve got it! Get the Tweezers NOW”! he demanded, as I hung up the phone and grab at the tweezers and then pull like hell, he screams some more and finally this very small piece of wood, maybe four millimeters wide by six long comes out, “it felt much bigger when it was in my leg”, I smiled and agreed with relief that it did look much larger indeed, before we got it out. Why was I made to be so calm and collected with blood & guts of animals and totally useless with two legged forms? if they belong to my own family, then I am just about completely bloody useless to them.

Fawn in the garden

Blue Jay, when I don’t have a camera… red cardinals (again, why no camera)?

The arrival of Marmite… the coolest & most dead looking cat but what a hunter she is. We think she is perfect (this coming from a known cat disliker only proves how incredibly cool she is).

I think I am learning the art of ‘Patience’ - it has eluded me for the past 39 ¾ years but I am realizing that even if I push myself, the machinery and all that goes with it (more so the land I am working) - it is still going to take a great deal of time and will only change when it is ready to. Having said that, the garden here is quite magical, when one flower finishes blooming and starts to die another new form takes its place. This has happened repeatedly since the end of May and gives me no end of pleasure. I have so far only added an Azalea (which J keeps jumping on) and Rhododendrons.

Thank you Billye for naming the Jimsonweed/Devils Trumpet/Datura Stramonium - only I can grow a field full of Hallunicagenic weed that is highly toxic to livestock... at least I am learning 'what NOT to grow'?

Holy crap the hugest spider just walked out of the stove top (must remember to use the stove on occasion to overcome this problem). I do wish I had more interest in the food department, more so the cooking of said food. I so miss watching Steve cook and generally make total ciaos in the kitchen, seeing him relax and enjoy what he is doing, smelling yummy smells, having my hand slapped for stealing something before it is ready, seeing his contentment and hidden pride when it turns out so beautifully. I do love his cooking. I do miss his mess.

I’m giving up smoking in one 50g Golden Virginia packets time (about a week). Can not wait to see how long it takes for the silent comments I think to become vocalized and heard by the people they are intended for, for once. Luckily for me, I like being a hermit.

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