Sunday, 31 May 2015

Weights of Winter and the coming of Spring

This winter was quite spectacular and on occasion, stunningly beautiful.

There was the sheet ice, which made water delivery tricky but rather fun and definitely a challenge.

And icicle ice..

And 'fallen off the roof' ice

And lastly, brown 'horse ice' which is not unlike an odd pile of rocks, found throughout the frozen pastures. These should be avoided at all costs, can cause broken toes to humans if tripped on or kicked at. 

William eagerly noting the coming of Spring.

Tom's magnificent brew of maple syrup tipped off at just over a gallon this year. 
Bees are expanding and we will be adding two additional hives, one this summer and a 'flow-hive' this winter for next Spring, a totally cool concept which allows you to extract the honey from the outside the hive. 

 Turkeys as day olds, fast asleep. 

Knife and Fork below - at seven weeks.

Guess which one is my favourite?

Egg layers new digs ~ Chicken Coop

Ducks coming in for breakfast, they will be up the steps into the kitchen by July (NO, not on plates ~ they are egg layer ONLY).

I know, I know, not exactly the kind of eggs one would like to find, but life is life and it is Spring, well, was Spring and I am excited about it either way, at least I am right now and will be as long as they don't eat the feet off the ducks or my toes when I am collecting said duck eggs. I was moving Will to his summer pasture today when I came across this young lass covering her eggs.

The blossoms on the apple, pear and locust this year have been phenomenal, 'should' mean we will have a super crop, the animals deserve it after this past winter. I did enhance the picture below to try and capture the apple blossoms, wish you could see it in person, it is so beautiful and smells delightful. The locust blossom is quite intoxicating.

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