Monday, 26 August 2013

My Water Boys of August

Positively the best day I have had this year

First attempt was jolly brave, followed up with a quick escape to make sure the exit worked correctly

'Yes, I think I do like this'
Lets go just a bit further... no, really.... come on

Yup, that is Will swimming with Tom being towed at the end of his lead rope. I was in tears from laughing so much and only managed to catch them leaving.

Above is a really cool humming bird bug I attempted to photograph

This fellow was found in the stream during weed clear up, 59 more and I could have had enough for supper
Another interesting bug, have no idea what it is and have had no luck finding out yet



A bucket of kittens

That is about it from here, the house and surroundings are as ever wonderful and full of goodies everyday.

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