Monday, 31 January 2011

Mount Murdock Conquered

Looking south through Murdock.

Yes, that much snow!

Looking west back over the farm (the small red triangle is the dairy barn roof)

Top Pasture beyond the woods, east

Another nest...

Westward view

One Exhausted Child

Starting to get delirious

Blue sky

I am now having a much greater respect for those funny looking things they call 'snowshoes'. Having walked for the past two and a half hours in knee deep and sometimes, thigh deep snow, over some seriously steep hills (which I hasten to add, the above photos seem to flatten out completely and give no justice to at all), I would have very much liked to be wearing a pair.

I have on occassion wanted to throttle the snowplow driver... but the good days far out weigh any bad ones. The weather is harsh, stunning and quite magnificent.

Only two months to go.

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  1. And more snow on the way. Winter is something isn't it!! Snowshoes are great we had two sets as well as cross country skis. Hope all is well :)